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When will I receive my digital order?

You will normally receive your digital order within the hour to the email address you have provided. The email will be from and it will contain a link to your digital order.

Please note that additional processing time (up to 48 hours) may be required depending on additional validation or your credit card company.

What if I did not receive my digital order?

If you do not receive an email containing your digital order within 1 hour after purchase, please confirm that it was not misdirected to your spam/junk folder. The email containing the link to your purchase will be from

It's also helpful to review your order confirmation to make sure the email address associated with your shipping address does not have any spelling errors in it. If you notice that the email address is misspelled, please contact us.

If your email address is correct, but you are still unable to locate the email, you can resend your digital order by visiting our Order Lookup page.

How do I resend my digital order?

Please visit our Order Lookup page to access your purchase. Here you can view your ticket (save to your computer and print) as well as resend yourself the email containing your ticket.

If you are unable to locate your order number, you can find it in two places on your confirmation email from Costco:

  1. In the subject line of the email
  2. In Order Details right below your order placed date

Your order number can also be found in the My Orders section of your account.

If you encounter an error message that says "Your Order is Still Processing", please ensure it has been over an hour after you completed your purchase. If it has been over an hour, please contact us for assistance.

How can I redeem my digital purchase?

Please refer to the ‘How to Redeem’ instruction on your eTickets/eVouchers/eGift card.

Do I have to print my digital order?

Always have a printed hard copy of your tickets to show at the venue, unless otherwise specified under the "How to Redeem" instructions. Mobile redemption may not be accepted. Print on any functional desktop printer. Black and white or color print outs are acceptable.​

Does my eTicket/eVoucher/eGift card expire?

Please refer to the terms and conditions printed on your eTickets/eVouchers/eGift card, as each venue has different terms.

How can I check the balance on my eGift card?

You can check the terms and conditions to see if an option is listed. You can also contact the venue directly, as each venue has different method, and/or contact

If I have several eTickets, how can tell which ones I've used so far?

Please contact the venue directly with your barcode numbers and/or contact

Can I reload my eGift card after I’ve spent the full value?

No, you would need to purchase a new card.

What if I have not used my digital order and would like a refund?

You have three easy and convenient ways to refund your purchase:

  1. Return to a Costco warehouse - For an immediate refund, simply take a printout of your purchase to any Costco location.
  2. Return your order online
  3. If you need assistance with your return, please contact us.

Why can't I access my iTunes, XBox live digital order, software, Way Spa or roadside assistance?

Unfortunately, these digital programs are not set up in the portal at this time. If you need assistance please contact us.

Do I need Acrobat Reader to open my order?

​Yes, to open your etickets/evoucher/eGift card you will need Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher installed and properly functioning on your computer.